Questions about Seresto® ? Our answer.

Questions about Seresto® ?  Our answer.

Seresto® collar  Is it effective against mosquitoes?
  • Seresto® collar  Effective against fleas, ticks, and lice in dogs. If you wish to take action against mosquitoes, you can use designated anti mosquito veterinary drugs such as Advantix®.
Should I wait to put on the new necklace when I take off the old one?
  • No, no. By diffusing active ingredients in a low concentration and controlled manner, you can immediately put on a new collar for your dog.
Why can I still see ticks on my dog when it's wearing a Seresto® collar ?
  • Ticks that were already present on dogs before treatment may not be killed within 48 hours of using the collar and remain attached and visible. Therefore, it is recommended to remove these ticks from dogs during use. Start preventing new tick infections within two days after using the collar. When your dog catches ticks, they will stick to its fur, even if it is wearing a Seresto® collar.  If the active substance fluthrin acts as an insect repellent to prevent ticks from biting it, then nothing can stop them from grabbing its hair. Ticks will be killed and shed from the host within 24 to 48 hours after infection, and usually do not eat blood meals. However, the attachment of ticks after treatment is still possible.
What is Seresto®?
  • This is an innovative anti parasite collar that can protect your dog from ticks and fleas for 7 to 8 months, preventing you from repeating treatment regularly or worrying about being forgotten!
What are the active ingredients of Seresto® ?
  • Seresto®  Contains two active substances: imidacloprid, which can kill adult fleas and their larvae; and fenpropathrin, which can repel and eliminate ticks at any developmental stage.
What if the necklace gets dirty? Can a muddy collar protect my dog from fleas and ticks?
  • We do not believe that an appropriate amount of mud and dirt will have any impact on the correct diffusion of Seresto® active ingredients.  If the necklace is very dirty, just clean it with a damp cloth.
I sleep with my dog. Should I take off her necklace at night?
  • Generally speaking, sleeping with pets is not recommended. According to the notice, animals wearing collars are not allowed to sleep in the same bed as their owners, especially children.
After putting on the Seresto® collar, how long should I wait before showering my dog ?
  • We suggest that you bathe your dog before wearing a collar. Seresto®  Waterproof under moderate exposure. After using mild non detergent shampoo, or when your dog is showering or exposed to rain or sunlight, it still works. There is no need to remove the collar before bathing your dog. Taking a shower once a month is effective for fleas and ticks for 7-8 months. After taking a shower once a month, its validity period for fleas can be shortened to 5 months. Make sure to always use non aggressive pet shampoo.
If the dog's collar gets wet, should I take it off?
  • No, Seresto® necklace  For dogs, it is waterproof in moderate exposure. In addition, the active ingredients are stored and spread to the skin of animals through the fat layer on the epidermis, naturally moisture-resistant, so there is no risk of change.
How often should I check the Seresto® Collar Isn't it too tight on a growing puppy?
  • Due to the puppies growing at different speeds, we recommend regularly checking the collar and readjusting it if necessary.
Is it possible to use Seresto®  On the puppy?
  • You can apply for Seresto®  On 7-week-old puppies. If necessary, regularly check the fit of the collar, especially when the puppy is growing rapidly.
Can I take off the necklace for a few months before putting it back? Will it continue to be effective?
  • We strongly recommend that you do not remove the collar on the way. This method has not been tested yet and may affect the level of protection for your pet. To prevent fleas and ticks, Seresto® It should be used for 7 to 8 months, equivalent to its protection period. If the animal's lifestyle and parasite pressure allow, the collar can be updated. But if you take off the necklace temporarily, you can put it back without any problem.
Can I tie a belt or medal on the Seresto® Collar My dog?
  • No, you should not tie a belt on the collar because the force exerted by your dog when pulling the belt may open the mechanism. In addition to the Seresto collar, you can also use your dog's usual collar ®  Hang the belt on top. Seresto®  Extensive testing was conducted using safety reflectors, but no other projects were tested. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them, especially when they cover the surface of the necklace.
My dog is starting to bite on the collar, should I be worried?
  • No, no. Seresto®  After multiple tests to verify its safety for wearing animals, we even studied the impact of dogs biting or completely swallowing collars. Due to the vast majority of active ingredients present in the collar matrix rather than its surface, slight digestive disorders were observed. If your pet's general condition worsens, please consult your veterinarian immediately.
Seresto® Collar Can it be used with an identification collar?
  • Of course. Seresto Necklace ®  It can be worn together with your dog's usual collar without affecting its effectiveness.
Seresto® Collar Can it reduce the risk of Leishmaniasis transmission?
  • Yes, on the dog collar, Seresto®  Effectively reduce the risk of dissemination of Leishmaniasis within 8 months after placement of phleboma.
Can I use other medications at the same time as Seresto® ?
  • You can use other medications simultaneously with Seresto®,  There is no known Drug interaction. But if the drug contains the same active substance, please be aware of the risk of overdose. Please consult your veterinarian.
How often can I have my dog take a shower while wearing a Seresto® collar ?
  • Seresto®  Waterproof under moderate exposure. After using mild non detergent shampoo, or when your dog is showering or exposed to rain or sunlight, it still works. There is no need to take off the collar when your dog goes to take a shower. Taking a shower once a month will not affect its effectiveness. In addition, it can reduce fleas to 5 months.
My Seresto® collar I can't feel anything. Does this mean it cannot function properly?
  • Not at all! Seresto®  Composed of odorless active ingredients. This way, you don't have to endure the unpleasant chemical odor typically emitted by tick and flea collars.
What is the difference between Seresto®  Other anti flea and anti tick collars?
  • Seresto's Innovative Technology It allows the diffusion of active ingredients at low doses for a long period of time. The active ingredients diffuse onto the pet's skin and throughout the body, effectively protecting the pet from ticks and fleas for 7-8 months.
Why is there white powder on the surface of the Seresto® necklace When I took it out of the packaging?
  • It is stearic acid, a harmless lubricant used in the production process to facilitate the removal of the collar from the mold. Stearic acid poses absolutely no risk to animals and us. It also exists in certain food ingredients. If necessary, a damp cloth can be used to remove the white powder from the necklace.
Seresto® collar Can dogs be waterproof?
  • Yes. Due to the active ingredients contained in the polymer matrix, the collar is waterproof under moderate exposure. Seresto®  After using mild non detergent shampoo, keep it effective when your dog is bathing or exposed to rain or sunlight. However, prolonged and intense exposure to water or frequent and intense use of shampoo should be avoided, as this may shorten the product's shelf life.
What collar should dogs weighing over 61 kilograms wear?
  • Seresto® collar Large dogs are suitable for dogs weighing over 8 kilograms. Due to the length of the collar, it is not suitable for large dogs with a neck exceeding 65 centimeters. If you have any questions about the use of the collar on your dog, please consult your veterinarian.

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